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Sailor Moon Crystal: New Character Designs

30 Apr


Hello Guys! Have you been to the official PGSM Site? They have the model designs for the characters in the new upcoming Sailor Moon anime “SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL”; which is set to air on July 5th at 7pm (Japan). It looks as if they took them all straight out of the manga, stylized them a little bit and voila! They look amazing and so beautiful, I cannot wait until we get more sneak peaks.

SM SM (1) SM (2) SM (3) SM (4)

What do you think? Do they not look great? I know there are some people complaining that they liked the old anime version better, but I am stoked with these- they look so delicate. I wonder how much they will stick to the manga story line or if they will play fast and loose with it. Either way I will be happy. *Insert super-excited fangirly screams*

Have you, guys, also checked out all the amazing merchandise that has been coming out to celebrate PGSM’s 20th Anniversary? There are some amazingly pretty gashapons, figurines, statues, brooches,… that all of us should get our hands on. Get them before ebay sellers jack up the price! Sailor Moon Collectibles has gathered up a list of all products and where to get them along with the price tags, hope you find it useful.




Shameless Self-Plug & Giveaway: Raising Funds for SDCC 2014

23 Apr

Hello Beautiful People! I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break/Easter. As I mentioned before: I might be having the great opportunity to report from San Diego Comic Con 2014, in July, for one of my favorite sites. With this, the pass to enter the convention is taken care of, but I will still need to raise funds to pay for the trip, stay, and food during the con. In order to do this I am selling my artwork and taking commissions. Here are the pieces I have up for sale at the moment:

Dia de los Muertos
Ink and Pastel Pencils

Sailor Pluto
Ink on white paper (Colors can be added)

Dancing Flowers (Inspired by Walt Disney’s FANTASIA)
Ink and Watercolor

Unicorn Centaur
Ink and Watercolor

Narwhal Mermaid
Ink on white paper (Color can be added)

Rainy Day Splatter
Ink and Watercolor

Inspired by Kimberly Gomez’s Spooksieboo
Ink and Pencils

Dick Vader (Dick Vader Series by Ale Bodden, your’s truly)
Ink (Colors can be added)

by moi:

Poison Ivy, Mermaid
Ink, Watercolor, & Pencils

Harley Quinn Mermaid
Ink, Watercolor, & Pencils

Bluebird/Harper Row Mermaid (STILL WIP)
Ink, Watercolor, and Pencils

Thank you for taking your time to look, I would really appreciate any help I can get in getting these out there. If you are interested, have any questions, or commissions: feel free to hit me up at NERDY.FAERY@GMAIL.COM.

As a little incentive and thanks, I will be giving away this:

Wonder Woman Mermaid (Heroes & Villains, Study on Mermaids)
Ink & Watercolor
by Ale Bodden

If you want it just leave a comment here telling me: WHICH FEMALE SUPERHERO IS YOUR FAVORITE AND WHY?  (I will pick a random comment on June 1st)

SDCC 2014: I WILL be IN You! Mark your calendars…

10 Apr


Hello beautiful people! I hope everyone is having a magnificent week. I have great news for you, all: I will be heading to San Diego Comic Con this year (July 24th-27th)– it will be my first time there! Of course, I am still crossing my fingers and planning so everything can actually happen, but I am so excited. I am hoping things go well so my dreams become a reality. I will give more details as it gets closer.

In order to pay for the rest of the expenses (trip, food, housing, …) I will be selling my artwork and taking commissions to raise funds for my budget, if anyone is interested feel free to contact me ( I will be posting all pieces that are up for sale as soon as I am done photographing them, but here you have a sneak peak of a series I am currently working on (They are still WIP):


Thank you so much, in advance- I would truly appreciate all the support I can get.

Pokemon Master

3 Apr

As most of you might already know, Google maps was converted into a Pokemon jungle for April Fools. The challenge was to catch all 150 of them, plus a bonus: Mew.


Did anyone here become a Pokemon Master? Or a Pokemon Trainer? I did. Hey, google offered me no jobs- all I have left are the bragging rights… right? I managed to catch all 151 of them. Yeah, even that annoying Mew that kept moving around, apparently.

I thought it was a very fun challenge- not only for the Pokemon aspect of it, but for the Geographical aspect. It was fun to go around the world, remembering all locations and countries I could to catch all the little monsters. And I haven’t watched Pokemon since they first expanded the list after the original 150, so I found it refreshing- and I, also, got to see new Pokemons I didn’t know about before that I totally want now for my figurine collection. I have to say though, I did catch the ones I was set out to: Eevee and all the Eeveelutions, Lapras and Dragonite, Pikachu, and Mew. ❤

Thank you, Google, for the fun Easter Pokemon hunt!

Did you, guys, try it? What did you think? Which Pokemon did you want to catch first?