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Hello Fellow Nerdlings!

4 Oct

It is a pleasure to meet you!

I have been toying with the idea of a blog dedicated to my geeky passions for a while– it was supposed to be up a couple of weeks ago, but I was assaulted by this horrific cold that I am just about done with now. And here it is: ta-da! No one can imagine how geekily excited I am about this right now.

This blog will be about all the things I love, ranging from books, comic books, graphic novels, and manga to movies, shows, cartoons, and anime… and all sorts of geeky accessories and gadgets I either own or wish to…

Welcome to my new journey and I wish you enjoy the ride… I know I will! So c’mon and hop on my golden unicorn and let us take over the Geekverse!

Love and nerd-out,

Nerdy Faery