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Life, Work… Shenanigans!

20 Mar

Hello World!

I have been writing, drawing, working, and going over things in my head to make this blog something solid– yet, here I am, with exactly what I started with.

So in the midst of a new rejection letter I decided to celebrate today: what if I just stop worrying so much about how things should and will be, why not just do? Why should I be worrying about things that are absolutely out of my grasp? Right?… I decided to keep doing my best to be someone in life, whatever that means and whoever that will be, and just enjoy the time I have in my hands and make the best use of it. *smiley face* It is harder than it should, since school conditioned me to feel as if there is something approaching the corner that I could never be ready enough for.

But enough about that. Since I don’t know how I can un-broaden everything I love and plan to talk about, why don’t I give you, guys, a glimpse of who I am and what lies inside this TARDIS brain of mine. I want to share with you the things I like and am passionate about, and, hopefully, hear what you like– your likes, suggestions on new things to try (keep it clean, guys! mind out of the gutter :p), new materials to read, DIY projects, whatever… So, here it goes… I dunno if I should make it a list or just a new paragraph.

I love art, as I believe you might have seen– from classics to cartoons; I love seeing artists draw known art/characters in their own style (you can check previous posts for preview). Umm… My passions are reading and writing and falling in love with fictional characters and worlds; my genre of preference is Fiction- Sci-Fi/Fantasy (which is my favorite genre to write as well), manga, comics/graphic novels (Sandman FTW!). I need drawing and coloring in my life, and love doing crafty things from origami to sculpting and sewing. I love cartoons and anime, I think I have seen over 40 animes (not sure if I should be ashamed). I won’t even go into movies and shows, let’s just say it is all within the same genre everyone would call geeky/nerdy. I am obsessed with unicorns, dragons, faeries and all sorts of mythical creatures and cute animals, hearts, stars, wings, rainbows, keys…

As almost every other person I like shopping, and collecting things I like, too. I love geeky handmade jewelry, which you will see me post about (shout-out to small businesses!), and clothing as well– though I am not a fan of clothes shopping. I love rambling about things I read and finding people to talk about them with.

So this is all that my world entails, many worlds, likes, and passions to explore.

The question is, what would you like to see? I have gotten messages to share my art, to share my collections… What do you, guys, like?

Do you like art? Stay tuned, I will be hosting giveaway from my Spooksieboo prints collection soon!! Everyone needs beautiful art in their life… as well as a tad of creepiness ❤


Geek, out!

Obsessed With Art: SOS!

30 Oct

Lately I’ve been obsessed with buying art-prints, specially some that I have been wanting for a while. It’s not as if I have a place to hang them at the moment, but it feels good to have them for that moment when I have my own place– which, I’m sure, is coming soon.

So yeah… a new day: a new print that I will soon be holding. Today I discovered the artist behind a piece I’ve had my eyes on for a bit: Asia Kendrick-Horton and she has a store! I was so happy I got one,

Thug Usagi
*insert happy sigh*

Though I have to say, if it all goes well I will soon be returning to buy the ones that caught my eye and stole my heart:

163580823 sailor moon redraw
SMRD: Neo-Queen Serenity + Small Lady & Sailor Moon SCRD
Aren’t they gorgeous ❤

Early Birthday Prezzie For Me

29 Oct

Since my birthday is in a couple of weeks and artist Babs Tarr opened her Etsy Store, I decided to coerce -in a very nice way- my family to get me two prints I’ve been coveting for a while. I know she seldom opens her store and the prints go so fast, so I settled for texting my sister pictures of the print and repeating it to her every couple of minutes until I got them, both.

I just wanted to share the awesomeness of my birthday presents with everyone. Look at the pretty *_*

Moon Baby

and my personal fave:

Bosozoku Sailor Scouts

Aren’t they gorgeous? I know! I can’t wait to get them and frame them. ❤