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Obsessed With Art: SOS!

30 Oct

Lately I’ve been obsessed with buying art-prints, specially some that I have been wanting for a while. It’s not as if I have a place to hang them at the moment, but it feels good to have them for that moment when I have my own place– which, I’m sure, is coming soon.

So yeah… a new day: a new print that I will soon be holding. Today I discovered the artist behind a piece I’ve had my eyes on for a bit: Asia Kendrick-Horton and she has a store! I was so happy I got one,

Thug Usagi
*insert happy sigh*

Though I have to say, if it all goes well I will soon be returning to buy the ones that caught my eye and stole my heart:

163580823 sailor moon redraw
SMRD: Neo-Queen Serenity + Small Lady & Sailor Moon SCRD
Aren’t they gorgeous ❤