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Sailor Moon Phone Cases From TiffyCuppyCake

16 Oct

Hello world!

Before rambling on about Comic-Con, I want to talk about these amazing kawaii custom Sailor Moon decoden phone cases I purchased a couple of weeks ago. I would like to give a special shout-out to TiffyCuppyCake shop on etsy for making me the cutest and most amazing phone cases: one with Sailor Moon and the other with Sailor Pluto– they are, both, my favorite Sailor Senshi… along with Sailor Cosmos, Mars, and the other outer Senshi. I know, practically all of them. I can’t help it. The part that strikes me the most though is that she actually found a cover for my phone when no one has been able to before and that means so much to me. :3

Sailor Moon, along with Saint Seiya, was one of my first anime ever and I grew up watching them. It was a tad annoying because, since I grew up in DR, they never played the episodes in order. Though, I have to say: they never censored the series over there, specially the relationship between Uranus and Neptune. But yeah, I’m still fawning and fangirling all over these, if you are interested, go to her shop, HERE, and message her. She is the sweetest and makes amazing cases as well as plushies. Talk to her about what you want and picture in your mind. She did mine exactly like I wanted them! ❤

The only issue I had was with USPS: this is how the box the cases came in looked like. A huge gaping hole right in the middle of it; seriously, USPS? 


Look how pretty my Pluto case is! One of the little stars came off in the package, but I’m blaming the person that ripped a hole in the box- since this was the case that was closest to said hole.

SM Case
Isn’t this adorable? It is so happy looking and bright that I just can’t stop looking at it!

The owner of the shop is so sweet– my box came with lollipops and ideas on how to care for my gorgeous cases.

I highly recommend TiffyCuppyCake’s shop!

Now, the question is: will I be brave enough to put them on my phone and use them without freaking out or being panicky? I think YES! (I’ll still be a bit panicky though). But yeah, thank you TiffyCuppyCake for these amazing cases– I’ll definitely come back soon for more! ❤

Geek out,

Nerdy Faery