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Pokemon Master

3 Apr

As most of you might already know, Google maps was converted into a Pokemon jungle for April Fools. The challenge was to catch all 150 of them, plus a bonus: Mew.


Did anyone here become a Pokemon Master? Or a Pokemon Trainer? I did. Hey, google offered me no jobs- all I have left are the bragging rights… right? I managed to catch all 151 of them. Yeah, even that annoying Mew that kept moving around, apparently.

I thought it was a very fun challenge- not only for the Pokemon aspect of it, but for the Geographical aspect. It was fun to go around the world, remembering all locations and countries I could to catch all the little monsters. And I haven’t watched Pokemon since they first expanded the list after the original 150, so I found it refreshing- and I, also, got to see new Pokemons I didn’t know about before that I totally want now for my figurine collection. I have to say though, I did catch the ones I was set out to: Eevee and all the Eeveelutions, Lapras and Dragonite, Pikachu, and Mew. ❤

Thank you, Google, for the fun Easter Pokemon hunt!

Did you, guys, try it? What did you think? Which Pokemon did you want to catch first?